Jun Wu

Jun Wu 
College of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Jun Wu received his Ph.D. degree in Management from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, P. R. China in 2003. He is currently a Professor in the College of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. His research interest involves supply chain management, telecom service, and big data. He has and hosted three projects from National Natural Sciences Foundation of China. He also has years’ consulting experience in China logistics industry and China telecom industry. he received several awards and honors includingNew Century Excellent Talents in University in 2008 awarded by the Ministry of Education and “National First Class Fund of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources. He has published papers injournals including OMEGA-the International Journal of Management Science, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of revenue Management.
Research Interests 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Game Theory
Modeling and Simulation
Applications in Chinese Logistics Parks, China Cold Chain Management

Applications in Hazardous Material Logistics Management

Service Science and Science Operations Management
Data Analysis and Simulations
Applications in China Telecom Industry

Applications in China Mobile Internet
Visiting ExperienceSelected Publications
[1] Mean-variance analysis of the newsvendor model with stockout cost, J. Wu, J. Li, S. Wang and T. C. Edwin Cheng, Omega-International Journal of Management Science, Vol. 37, 724-730, 2009.
[2] Impact of risk attitude on optimal decisions in supply contract, J. Wu, S. Wang, Xiuli Chao, C.T. Ng, T. C. E. Cheng, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 128, 569–576, 2010.
[3] Risk management in supply chains, J. Wu, J. Li, J. Chen, Y. Zhao, S. Wang, International Journal of Revenue Management, Vol. 5, 157-204, 2011.
[4] Research on telecom value-added service chain with Nash bargaining,Journal of System Engineering, Vol. 12, 2014. (A journal in Chinese)
[5] Buy-back contract in supply chain with consumer balking, Management Review, Vol. 8, 2014. (A journal in Chinese)
[6] Evolutionary game analysis of Hazardous Chemicals Transport route selection with tax policy, Journal of System Engineering, Vol. 2, 2015. (A journal in Chinese)
[7] Risk-averse newsvendor game model under emergency situations, Systems Engineering: Theory & Practice, Vol. 3, 2015. (A journal in Chinese)
l  l  l  l  Research Grants (Principal Investigator)
l  Jan. 2014—Dec. 2017: Telecom Supply Chain Coordination, Innovation Incentive and Product Management Based on Mobile Value-added Service in China, supported by National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (Principal Investigator)
l  Jan. 2011—Dec. 2013: Decision Bias in Supply Chain Management, supported by National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (Principal Investigator)
l  Jan. 2009—Dec. 2011: Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, supported by Ministry of Education of the P. R. China (Principal Investigator)
l  Jan. 2006—Dec. 2008: Some Key problems in Supply Chain Risk Management, supported by National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (Principal Investigator)