ChaDaoling Chief Accountant arrived the School of Economics and Management to Research Counselors

   To better implement the concept of school education, strengthen the construction of counselors, 2 December morning, Charles Dowling Chief Accountant to conduct research for the School of Economics and Management Counselors work, and chemical fiber Floor Conference Room 207, all with SEM counselors discussion. School of Economics and Management party secretary Feng Jie, deputy party secretary Liu Zhuanyu, vice president Fang Yong attended the forum.

   Merchants, college counselor each year with their own actual situation, work on their contents and characteristics as well as the work of perception and thinking, positive statements, covering health-oriented conduct Counselors, counselor professional development, full-time coaching members of the original field of dialogue, incentive award grants, to enhance employability, counselors and other aspects of their own planning and development. Liu Zhuanyu teachers for college students and counselors construction work carried out briefly. Richard Dowling talked about the theme of the chief accountant, with the state and school-related policies and their own work experience and everyone friendly exchanges, but also on the daily work of counselors, study, construction, funding students from poor families and minority students and so do further To understanding.

   Finally, check Dowling Chief Accountant of the research activities are summarized. He fully affirmed the work of School of Economics and Management counselor and work with their own experience indicate counselors need to pay attention to coordinate work, study, life and family relations, encourage college counselor maintain a good tradition, focus on work and innovation, and that "students love the school, many of the teacher's love, the love of counselors, as a teacher, counselor and students together is the most happy thing. "He stressed that school and college leaders at all levels will continue to focus on and support counselors, we hope to focus on self-development and improvement, at the same time improve the deficiencies see their own advantages, the development team has administered the characteristics of counselors; do at work planning and rules, times, broaden their horizons and work together to complete the important role student training.