Sixth National Cultural Festival kicked College of Economics and Management prelude week

     On the November 16, Beijing University of Chemical Technology of the Sixth National Cultural Festival in the North Campus. School of Economics and Management School also kicked off this week. North Campus Work Office Baishou Li, School of Economics and Management party secretary Feng Jie, deputy director of the North Campus Office Xu Limin, deputy party secretary Liu Zhuanyu School of Economics and Management, Professor of Economics and Management Zhang Yingkui attended the event.

School of Economics and Management party secretary Feng Jie opening remarks. She said in his speech, ethnic cultural festivals as my school's most popular national event, not only allows us to fully experience the various national characteristics, leaving participants to comprehend "Open • Blending • sharing" of profound significance for our minority students advance Training plays an important role.
     This national cultural festival "opening • Blending • Sharing" as its theme, the Student Affairs Office, North Campus Office and SEM jointly. Including ethnic Arts Festival, named in recognition of national flower and national customs Street part.
     Ethnic Arts Festival began, the students were dressed in national costumes to the stage, their youthful enthusiasm sun. Tibetan long tones resounding loud and clear, clever and beautiful Uygur dance, song and dance of Manchu forthright and frank, ethnic performances fully demonstrated the unique charm of the national culture. The audience can also be infected by their enthusiasm.
       "National flower" award in recognition of the national identity and flowers combine spiritual minorities, were named a "sunflower", "anthurium" and five awards in recognition of outstanding achievements made in different areas of minority representatives. They set an example for the students, with the power of example to lead the minority students' cultural habits.

       Colorful stage performances, ethnic style street is constantly surprises. There is a wide variety of exotic cuisine, as well as the ingenuity of the folk culture show. College leaders went to the students to go, and the students enjoy ethnic cuisine, learn Tibetan writing Tibetan booth. Master clear road filled with festive and peaceful atmosphere.

       Success ethnic cultural festival held, reflecting the importance of minority school work. Ethnic Culture Festival as a platform to showcase the charm of the national culture, rich ethnic and cultural knowledge, this event has been unanimously praised the school teachers and students. National Cultural Festival is just the beginning. Next, the college will use the hospital weeks the platform to play administered characteristics, showing administered charm, for the majority of teachers and students to provide better, more colorful activities.