The most likely warming of exchange - Beijing University of Chemical Technology MBA Education Center basketball friendly match was held successfully in school

 To further enrich campus life, enhance physical fitness and enhance the friendship between the students, October 31, 2015 in the afternoon, under the organization of MBA Education Center, the long-awaited basketball friendly match was held in the school basketball court. 2014, 2015 and part of all students MEM MBA students attended the event.
12:00, both teams in the referee's whistle is heard, basketball court shining images depicting facial color: vibrant one figure, the cries of excited cries, a victory smile ...... saw too each player hold your breath, to fill the gap dribbling, just the right pass, as well as the casual ease of three point shot or a pretty layup presence of people can see it all emotionally. Students in the stadium inside and outside the harvest of happiness and joy, but also gain a friendship and moving, but realized the importance of teamwork. Finally, the 2014 MBA basketball team came out on top with 36:26 victory over 2015 MBA basketball team.
Life is movement, life need exercise, exercise is the source of all life. I believe that the cross-grade basketball game not only to the public to show large-MBA students a positive attitude, but also to all grades will enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness, develop collective sense of honor students, enhance friendship between the students, show show the 2014, 2015 MBA students unity, harmony, courage and hard work spirit, and inspire us to pursue a more colorful dream in the next stage of life!
After the meeting, reporters interviewed by micro letter to participate in this event players Wang Pengbiao 2014, when asked about the basketball game at the time where the deepest feelings, Wang Pengbiao classmate said: "In just one afternoon, listening to the cries of passion sidelines , looked at the field his teammates sweat, feel back to the young enthusiastic years. Each class, grade team, unity united, worked hard, but also have achieved satisfactory results. The whole event, the real game itself Objective: To promote friendship through basketball game this platform, have fun! "
Wang Pengbiao also told reporters: enrollment date, school leaders, MBA center teacher's help, has organized many student activities. Through these entertaining activities that will enrich students 'school life, but also to show the MBA students positive youthful passion and vitality, and enhance students' collective sense of honor and class cohesion, hope to have more opportunities to participate in similar The activity, which is our personal development of each student is also very useful.