The success of our school enrollment project will preach Worcester Polytechnic Institute

 October 20 afternoon, the international cooperation project sponsored by the hospital - "America Worcester Polytechnic Institute 3 + 1 + 1 Study Abroad Program" will preach successfully held in the Shaw Conference Centre. Dr. Amy Z. Zeng Worcester Polytechnic Institute from the United States to the participating students to specific embodiments described in detail the content of the project. The forum was chaired by Professor Li Jian, vice president of Economics and Management, teacher representatives and more than 40 logistics expertise of our school students will attend lectures.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a US News ranked the nation's 54 well-known universities, in cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology 3 + 1 + 1 was signed in March this year just to study project for my school logistics professionals, chemical engineering and ring Engineering majors. In preaching the meeting, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Dr. Amy Z. Zeng on the history of the school, curriculum, learning life, learning, teaching content and other aspects of the content of a specific description, and the scene of the participants are students issues raised by the interpretation, lectures will be crowned with success.
Our hospital by organizing various forms of international cooperation projects will preach, to further promote the cooperation and exchange in-depth in our hospital with internationally renowned universities. College also will further digging resources, to strengthen cooperation with well-known universities and professors, teachers and students to provide more opportunities for learning and exchange.