Faculty of Economics and Management organized exchange badminton tournament

 October 16 at noon, Economics and Management faculty exchange badminton tournament held in the right way badminton hall. The tournament total of 12 players participating, with a men's singles, mixed doubles two projects.
Game in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and contestants were in high spirits, high-spirited, they race you come to me, and again a powerful smash, bursts of applause from time to time to usher in the presence of cheerleaders. After more than two hours of intense competition, the game ended. Get the men's singles final Fufei Jiang teacher first, the Fu Feijiang & Zhang Yan combination to get mixed doubles first.
The Badminton provide a mutual exchange and demonstrate their skills platform for college badminton lovers, after the game, the teachers enough, have said more exchanges in the future to take more exercise, so they have a healthy body and a positive attitude, but also for cultural Construction of Physical Education Institute to contribute.