School of Economics and Management was held in 2015 will graduate National Scholarship reply

Really good job in 2015 national scholarship award postgraduate work, give full play to the national graduate scholarship incentives, to promote the reform of postgraduate training mechanism, improve the quality of postgraduate training, according to the higher requirements of the relevant documents, the establishment of Graduate School of State Prize jury, announced the development of "Beijing School of Economics and management of Chemical Technology in 2015 national Scholarship postgraduate implementation details, "the national scholarship organization declare assessment. September 25 afternoon, the School of Economics and Management Scholarship Review Panel convened in 2015 National Graduate Scholarship fiber floor 207 in reply.
After the early personal statements and college preliminary examination, a total of 13 candidates shortlisted reply link. Applicant in accordance with self-learning sequence number display and live reply. Students participating in reply to report in terms of learning, social practice, technological innovation, social work, and to answer the judges' questions teachers and students here.
After the defense, Feng Jie secretary affirmed the short-listed students achieved in scientific research, encourage students to look at the outcome of a rational value, continuous innovation. Yu Lean president highly praised the students research and innovation, prudent expect students to achieve greater results.
The review will be in strict accordance with school rules, adhere to fair, open and impartial, the judges in a highly responsible attitude and strict requirements, objective score, the final selection of nine national award candidates college publicity, and publicity will end after submitting the leading group for validation.