SEM laboratory to carry out a special inspection of work safety

 September 29 morning, the School of Economics and Management Laboratory safety special inspection work carried out on schedule. Schools chief accountant Richard Dowling personally led by the Deputy Director of the State-owned 蔡中华 and Security Department security chief Xu Jinsheng, vice president of Dong-Dong Li jointly administered by the composition of inspection teams, the college laboratory safety to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
Check the group first heard in the college lab 207 synthetic floor safety report, the college divided party secretary Liu Zhuanyu, college security administrators and counselors together to participate in the briefing. Dong-Dong Li report to the inspection team first college lab overall implementation of safety management, and from the college laboratory safety responsibility system, safety management systems, safety and security risk management initiatives in four areas to troubleshoot the inspection team made a specific report.
Richard Dowling Chief Accountant speech after listening to the reports. He gave to the college laboratory safety management of recognition, but to make a few requirements: First, the summary of good experience and practice, and explore ways to better promote education, training of teachers and students safety habits; Second, further security system implement fall fine form safety management standardization system. Third, strengthen safety education, improve safety awareness of teachers and students.

Subsequently, the inspection team Buyers Laboratory safety management system and safety inspection records and other archival material, check the college research laboratories and experimental teaching center, and deployed on the scene to do the safety problems found in the inspection.