Postgraduate Party School of Economics and Management will hold a new semester work arrangement

 September 18 afternoon, the School of Economics and Management Postgraduate Party held a new term work arrangement in fiber floor 207, Party branch secretary, vice president of Dong-Dong Li and graduate students, graduate students and each counselor WeiKai branch secretary attend this meeting.
Li Yong teacher first affirmed the achievements of party building graduate each branch and each branch secretary of the hard work, and hope that the branch in accordance with the Academy "three strict three real" special education arrangements will branch real meticulous work done, with the college leadership team members Contact docking with the branch, to further enhance the Party building work graduate level. Dong-Dong Li teacher also stressed a priority is the successful completion of this semester college party committee, urge each branch in strict accordance with the Party School of the deployment of the election, serious organization of all full members do recommend the nomination and the election, so that no omissions, no mistakes.
Weikai particular arrangement teacher this semester party building work, told each branch to do a good job of recruiting party members, have focused on sub-grade to carry out a study culture activists, party members and the development of a probationary member regularization exercise; to encourage each branch combination "Pioneer Project" "Red 1 + 1", carry forward the socialist core values and other special events, carry out good organizational life.
Graduate party building work will focus on the central task of personnel training graduate students and scientific research, adhere to the student-centered, Postgraduate Party this semester will rely on each research team to carry out exchange activities in different branches to build a pilot, broaden their horizons, develop ideas achieve mutual promotion Party and scientific research, exploration and adapt our hospital characteristics, combined with the research team of teachers, students build mode longitudinal branch.