School of Economics and Management graduate ceremony will be held successfully satisfied that the new general propaganda activity

 To further strengthen the graduate will be the construction of campus culture, cultivate self-management skills, enhance the overall quality, Sept. 21 afternoon, Graduate School of Economics and Management ceremony held general propaganda activity in the North Carolina 109 new classrooms. College party secretary Liu Zhuanyu, Vice President and Postgraduate Party secretary Dong-Dong Li, graduate instructor Wei Kai attended the event, 2014 will be the backbone and 2,015 graduate students all participate in this event. The meeting was chaired by the President of the college graduate dealers.
Dong-Dong Li teacher speech. Li first last affirmed the work of graduate students, graduate students will promote quality education, he expressed gratitude for the contribution to the College of reform, development and stability made. At the same time the new graduate will be made three demands: First, learn to deal with working hours, to find a balance in work and learning; the second is to unity and cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual support to overcome difficulties and strive to work; Third is the courage to act with creative thinking, research will build brand activities to better serve the students. Liu Zhuanyu teacher speak, expressing support for the work of graduate students, graduate and undergraduate students and hope to carry out joint activities to promote student work administered by a higher level. Leaders attended the event as the new club officers graduate students presented letters of appointment.
Satisfied that the new proclamation link, the ministers of the department detailed introduction, combined with PPT, photos and videos and other forms of display characteristics and organizing departments over the past year, the contractor and do all kinds of activities to bring and attract new students of 2015 attention. After the lectures, 2015 graduate enrollment departments have their own interest, and on-site interviews and exchanges.
The success of the event, not only for graduate students will inject fresh blood, guarantee the continuity of the work of graduate students, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of students, expanding the students exercise platform. Graduate will soon open a new journey in the joint efforts of all members.