School of Economics and Management Science University of Tokyo, Japan, organized by Professor Mitsuo Gen academic report

 Academic Frontier: "Designing Semiconduct or Scheduling for Final Test, HDD & TFT-LCD Advanced Evolutionary Algorithms" of September 25, 2015 afternoon in fiber floor 207, Professor Mitsuo Gen Japan Tokyo Science University was invited to my school teachers and students made a presentation entitled report. Report chaired by Dean of Economics and Management Beijing University of Chemical Technology Professor Li Jian. Dean of School of Economics and Management Professor Yu Lean, teachers and graduate students from the school on behalf of multiple Academy attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Dr. Mitsuo Gen introduces combinatorial optimization problems, it can handle more complex reality of engineering systems. Dr. Mitsuo Gen explain in detail the quality of combinatorial optimization solutions need to be considered, the aspects of computing time and the effect of non-dominated solutions for multi-objective optimization problem, etc., one derived from the theory of evolutionary algorithm can effectively solve combinatorial optimization problems to overcome the shortcomings of other algorithms.
Through this report, our school teachers and students more in-depth understanding of the evolutionary algorithm and its application, administered by teachers and students for research work after a great inspiration and help.
Report Profile:
Professor Mitsuo Gen main research areas include fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms, artificial neural networks, intelligent manufacturing and logistics systems, is a famous scientist in the field, the current international journal Computers & Industrial Engineering field editor, in IEEE Transaction on Reliability, European published Journal of Operational Research in areas such as the well-known journals published more than 300 papers, he cited more than 13,000 times.