Successful lecture about Guotaian CSMAR database hosted by economic and management department

Guotaian cooperation which invited by our school library department brought us a wonderful lecture in the afternoon on May 29th 2015 at economic and management institute building. Teacher representative from our library department and the economic and management department and lots of graduated students attended this lecture.

The Guotaian marketing manager introduced the composition, function and characteristics of the CSMAR database. Professor Xu Shizhen, technical expert, give us a comprehensive explanation on some aspect, which were why should we do empirical study and the composition orientation, data comparison of it, also including some actual case in financial field like stock market and fund market.

After an hour of the lecture, we have further understanding on how to choose a database to support our research and how to use the CSAMR database to sort data. At the end of the lecture, teachers asked prof. Xu some question about CSMAR database updates as well as the use of this system, which provided an effective reference and basis on databases’ selection and purchase.