School of Economics and Management students and teachers participated in 65 Xinjiang alumni forum

School of Economics and Management students and teachers participated in 65 Xinjiang alumni forum
Release date:2015-09-14

Fall season, the school welcomed the inorganic 65 alumni homecoming 50 years admission. In the 65 alumni have my school first enrolled in Xinjiang, three minority students, they are up column force Kazakh Khan • Mir Khan, Uighur Yi Miti • Airy and Kurban • Mamat. September 13 afternoon, in the school administration building conference room 203, several seniors held a meeting with school students from Xinjiang. Xinjiang Alumni Association, accompanied by Xu Jianwen, school party secretary Wang Fang attended the meeting, party offices, domestic cooperation and exchange, Student Affairs Office, United Front Work Department, the college, the relevant leaders attended the discussion grammar school, hospital and deputy party secretary 刘传宇 15 students participated in the discussion from Xinjiang. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department Huguang Jie.


Several seniors were about their own life experiences, memories of the good old days in school during the period, up column force Khan said: "50 years fleeting, when the school year now remembers the scene, when we few a Xinjiang students sit 5 days and nights by train to Beijing, is the alma mater to give our meticulous care and attention to our cause to lay the foundation for a lifetime, we are also a few new China in Xinjiang, the first batch of Chemical Engineering Talent ., is the alma mater of the culture that I start from the grassroots technicians, grow step by step, until the Regional Vice Chairman, and now countries and schools have undergone enormous changes, I feel very proud, "he heartfelt way students said:" you should cherish the opportunity to learn, your studies, to serve the motherland, at the school to be strict with themselves, support the party's leadership, the unity of all ethnic students, now Xinjiang political and economic stability, chemical industry has great potential for development, you will have happier life than we. "


Kurban • Mamat has been working in the chemical technology front, the chemical has a deep love, Kurban said: "I am very excited to return to his alma mater, really like a home, I learned that the school now the number of minority students to develop greatly increased, and I am very pleased and hope to his alma mater for the chemical science and technology to train more people better. "Yi Miti • Allison has been engaged in chemical teaching, Xinjiang Chemical Engineering of higher education one of the founders, he set out from personal experience, elaborated important chemical Xinjiang, to encourage students to study hard, the future will be promising.

Kazakh students in our hospital financial management classes to fit 1302 La Sabu Ax force as student representatives made a statement, she thanked the school for many years for the care and cultivation of minority students expressed a certain study hard for minority schools students glory, and hope the school can provide more opportunities for Central Asian countries to continue their studies. After the discussion, students and a few old seniors parting, presented souvenirs to the old seniors, and seniors who have posed for pictures.