A taste of elite style, creating tomorrow brilliant

A taste of elite style, creating tomorrow brilliant
Release date:2015-10-23

October 20, by the Office of the North Campus, School of Economics and Management, co-sponsored "Idol come of your college · his college · my university," quality first lecture in the North Campus of the North-order four success. Our school 02 outstanding alumni, general manager of Hong Yuan Securities investment bank Mr. Yin Baikuan, first Moma Asset Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Ms. Johnson, deputy director of human cattle as special speaker to attend the event. North Campus Office Deputy Director Xu Limin, deputy party secretary Liu Zhuanyu SEM minute lecture scene here.

The seminar is divided into three chapters boutique. First three 2012 graduates of our talks opened a prelude to them about the college experience, to share learning experiences, from PubMed, security research, employment, and other aspects of going abroad to expand exchanges with you, answering questions for the students.

Contributing Speaker Ms. Niu Jiao share their learning experience college life, with its own working background, from the needs of society, employability skills and other aspects of quality and candidates, for the students to provide advice and guidance at this stage of learning and life, and guide students form a correct concept of career planning, employment outlook and outlook on life.

Contributing Speaker Mr. Yin Baikuan shared his spiritual path since university, with its own study, research and work experience, warned the students: "As a financial practitioners, remember three, serious, responsible and careful." His departure from their own experience in the workplace, interpret today's economic trends, analyzes the development status of the financial sector, to help students plan their studies course, a clear career direction. Mr. Yin Baikuan humorous language, elegant style of conversation, the presence of students to win applause.

Finally Liuchuan Yu teacher concluded that: outstanding alumni, the social elite, "your university" so wonderful; State Prize seniors, the pillars of tomorrow, "said his university" so brilliant; newborn sail, four dreams, "my university" their navigation. Your Univ his college · my university, the first three chapters of our hospital lecture topic boutique lighting.

This lecture as "Idol is coming" boutique lectures first phase, a complete success, to get the students to wide acclaim. We will be the needs of students as a guide to quality education as the goal, "Idol is coming" boutique lectures playing characteristics of education platform and branded mobile carrier.