【trailer】Trends in Digital Marketing

【trailer】Trends in Digital Marketing

To tell time: in 2015, March 16 day afternoon 14:5 0-15:2 0

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To tell people: Sweden Halmstad university Klaus Solberg S ø ilen professor

The reports says:Professor Solberg Søilen is theProfessor at the School of Business and Engineering, Halmstad University , Sweden and the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB). He was the MBA Program Director at Blekinge Institute of Technology between 2004 and 2006, where he helped start the first two online MBA programs in Sweden. Professor Solberg Søilen received his doctoral degree in Economics at Leipzig Universität, Germany, and his Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Haut Ècole de Commerce (HEC), France. He has published numerous books and articles, primarily on Competitive and Business Intelligence, in journals like European Business Review, Journal of Business Research and Knowledge Organization. He also teaches frequently on Internet Marketing. Professor Solberg Søilen has been a visiting scholar at CEIBS in Shanghai and at Stanford University. Before entering academia he worked 10 years in industry, in the US, Europe and Scandinavia, the last three as auditor for KPMG Oslo.

To tell the main topic:Trends in Digital Marketing

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      Digital marketing has not only opened up for a whole new field for commerce it has also become an efficient way of conducting marketing research. During this short lecture I will introduce you to some trends in digital marketing and show you some of the research we conduct in this field. To get an idea of the course have a quick view of this video for a research project we did, . To know how you can get a bachelor degree i marketing in Halmstad in 1 year, check our website at ".