【trailer】Digital privacy and security, for the individual and small company

【trailer】Digital privacy and security, for the individual and small company

To tell time: noon on March 16, 2015 (15:20 to 15:50)

The reports where: chemical fiber floor 508

To tell people:Mattias Sweden Halmstad university professor Wecksten

To tell the main topic:

       Mattias Wecksten from Halmstad University in Sweden is a lecture and researcher in computer science, a lecturer on digital forensics and the program lead for the bachelor program "Digital forensics and information security".

Content of the reports:

        Is someone reading your email? Is it possible to make secure transactions over the Internet? This presentation will show a number of common risks and their consequences that occur when accessing on-line services or work with a computer in general. A quick solution guide for the established problems will be presented along with a handy software package that you can keep on a USB-thumb-drive. This is the perfect starting point if you want to keep your integrity on-line and to secure the digital transactions of your company. The target audience are computer users, with no prior security knowledge required.