【trailer】 The Role of Social Media and Social Ventures

【trailer】 The Role of Social Media and Social Ventures

To tell time: On March 16, 2015 at 9:30-11:30

The reports where: chemical fiber floor 207

To tell people:The Worcester polytechnic institute Adrienne Hall - Phillips, an assistant professor

To tell the main topic:The Role of Social Media and Social Ventures

The report content:
       The emergence of social media creates new opportunities for social ventures to foster improved relationships with their customers. Social ventures are organizations formed to solve social problems by creating economic value through commercial transactions in the marketplace. In the context of these social ventures my research has explored (1) the role of social identity and social media engagement, (2)
the role of social cause involvement, commitment, and identification in consumer loyalty behaviors, and (3) the role of social media usage in identifying consumer segments. This research provides social ventures with practical knowledge about the strategic and tactical use of social media sites as a vehicle for enhancing emotional and behavioral bonds with consumers.