MBA Education Center

MBA Education Center, Beijing University of Chemical Technology was founded in 2010, adhering to the "science genesis macro Deborah Heavenly" educational philosophy, with a long running history of our school, deep network of contacts accumulated by means of industry, relying on a strong Economics and Management Faculty strive to make a full range of MBA students grasp improve combat capability, and become in the complex environment of problem-solving abilities and innovative composite professionals. 

MBA Education Center, Beijing University of Chemical Technology has long been engaged in a high level of full-time MBA education teachers, also hired a well-known domestic first-class business school professor; large corporations with extensive management experience; abroad have qualified tenured high level teachers, and many other well-known scholars as part-time teachers. 

In this era full of opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, MBA Education Center, Beijing University of Chemical Technology will continue to uphold the "macro Deborah school, genesis Heavenly" motto and "unity and dedication, hard work, pragmatic exercise, knowledgeable and innovative" spirit of large-scale, Yin Bo public long, bearing all strategy. With the advantages of the industry, setting the forefront of classic and practical courses, flexible teaching methods and a wealth of extra-curricular activities enable students to master a full range of business knowledge, with the cross-cultural sensitivity and interpersonal communication skills to become analytical in a complex environment problem-solving skills and innovative talents. Let us join hands together high-end management talent sounded the assembly number.