Economic management institute of the success of the "China's capital market rise - about convertible bonds and arbitrage skills analysis" special report

On the evening of March 19, 2015, the economic Management institute invited to Northwest Investment Management (Northwest Investment Management) of the executive officer (CEO) George phillips and business development director Mark Dr Smith in chemical fiber floor 508 to tifert's group project report, report the theme of "China's capital market rise - about convertible bonds and arbitrage skills analysis". Seminar hosted by professor He Kaijian, this report not only attracted of various grades of students, but also his students take an active part in college.


    George phillips and Mark Smith, combined with own experience and practice experience in turn tells the relevant theories of convertible bond market and the convertible bond market present situation and the outlook for the future. Although the convertible bonds for economic management college students are not strange, but George phillips and Mark Smith as a convertible bond market, a senior researchers and market leader, to bring the students more fresh knowledge and broad field of vision.



    Short one hour in George phillips and Mark Smith, Mr Two passed quickly in the interpretation of passion, there are still many teachers and students to ask questions at the last link, unusually warm atmosphere at the scene.

    Wonderful report made many people to convertible bonds had a deeper understanding, can guide the masses of teachers and students gradually thorough understanding, understanding, and even into the field of convertible bonds, extending the academic horizon of the the college teachers and students, inspired by the teachers and students of professional thinking.