Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Piper Road Lanlv, overcoming all obstacles, innovation Ming, pragmatic. Administered by people older than 30 years ago from scratch, carve, relying on Beijing University of Chemical Technology in chemical engineering in a strong academic strengths and resources of strength in the chemical industry in the School of Economics and Management has always pursued the idea of innovation, exploring the process of Ming, uphold truth-seeking attitude of sharing the results of pragmatic, consistent Yu technological innovation and management of change, committed to cast very unique SEM.

Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support, ten trees, takes a hundred years. School of Economics and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital management, focusing on specialization, internationalization and continuous innovation school, all aspects of the work has made considerable progress. Today, the School of Economics and Management has chemical safety management, economic forecasting and decision control of two disciplines doctoral, management science and engineering, business administration both disciplines Master of Business Administration (MBA), project management, project management, three professional degree and master's degree in project management, engineering master's degree in industrial engineering two points; undertaken a number of national and provincial research projects and services in the industry and the social and economic development, cultivate a large number of economic management excellence, social rising influence and popularity.

Harmony and enterprising, industrious Benedictine truth-seeking, innovation and entrepreneurship, the pursuit of excellence. After 30 years of development and exploration, School of Economics and Management has formed a "harmonious strategy, talent strategy, platform strategy, breakthrough strategy" strategic system, and create a harmonious atmosphere of enterprising and industrious Benedict truth-seeking, brought together an outstanding academic excellence, to play "hard work , innovation and entrepreneurship, "the spirit, to create a platform to enhance the knowledge of the second venture, Innovative Training System, beyond the self in the pursuit of excellence.

Swan fly, in one fell swoop Trinidad and future prospects, Mitsuaki sun and the moon. Rooted in the Chinese context, coherent global vision of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Chemical Technology will be adhering to the "Macro Deborah school, genesis Heavenly" motto, to cast the college class for the vision, knowledge and technology for their commitment to innovation and the management of change and create fusion cultivate business especially the glorious mission of excellence in economic management of large chemical industry has the creativity and social responsibility and work hard!