School of Economics and Management

School of Economics and Management (SEM) of  Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) was founded in 1981. It was originally established as the Department of Economics and Management in BUCT. It was then re-named  as the School of Economics and Management in 1994. Taking advantage of both high academic reputation and strong industry link of BUCT, SEM develops competitive academic programs that nurture and cultivate the talents of student. The mission is to provide high quality education to develop  competitive management professionals with academic discipline and innovative spirit.


With 30 years of rapid development, SEM has achieved a reputable academic position. The school has several academic degree programs and professional degree programs. This includes two Ph.D programs in “Chemical Safety Management “ and “Economic Forecasting and Decision Control” disciplines,  two academic master programs in “Management Science and Engineering” and "Business Administration" disciplines, three professional master degree program in “Business Administration”, ‘’Engineering Management” and “Project Management” discipline, as well as two engineering master degree in “Project Management” and “Industrial Engineering” disciplines. The master program in Management Science and Engineering receives the speicail grant support from the national “211 Project” in BUCT.


SEM has 81 full time faculty members, including 13 professors and 29 associate professors,

. The SEM faculty received numerous awards and recognitions from time to time. Recent awards and recognitions at the national and provincial level include the The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,  the first Ten Thousand Talent Program - Young Top-Notch Talent Program sponsored by the Organization Department of the CPC,  the Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan of Ministry of Education, the national master teacher, the Beijing distinguished teacher, the Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher Project, the Henry Fok Outstanding Young Teacher Award, etc. Many internationally renowned professors and well-known entrepreneurs take the visiting professorship or part-time professorship position in the school. Currently, the school has over 1400 students in the undergraduate program, 400 students in the master program and 150 in the professional master program. This also includes 50 overseas students.


In recent years, SEM undertook numerous projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Humanities and Social Sciences Fund and other research funding bodies. The annual number of projects received by faculty in SEM is about 40, which amounts to more than 600 million Chinese RMB. The research output includes more than 100 papers and 60 monographs or textbooks in recent years.


SEM also promotes and encourages international academic exchange and cooperation at faculty, department and school levels. SEM constantly organized and sponsored leading international conferences in related fields.

The faculty of the school conducted constant visit s to the renowned universities and academic institutions around the world. Some recent visit destinations include internationally recognized universities and academic institutions in United States, United Kingdomzd, Canada, Australia and other countries. SEM has established the strategic partnerships with many internationally renowned universities. Together with the partnering universities,  SEM has successful developed  “3 + 1”, “3 + 1 + 1”, “2 + 2” joint degree program for undergraduates, and graduate-students.


To further improve the quality of our graduates and the education programs offered, SEM has constantly promoted new measures and reforms. SEM has developed and offered the inter-disciplinary program and minor degree program for students across different departments in BUCT. Over the years, students in SEM has won several major awards and honors in wide range of competitions and contests, including the national “Challenge Cup”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition “, “ERP Competition” and others. SEM has achieved a high ranking in some key academic program figures, including the percentage of students to pursue further study abroad, the percentage of graduates to pursue graduate program and the ratio of successful job placement.


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